How A Misogynistic Police Force Fuelled A Mad Bitch Feminist

I was first thrown into a padded cell when I was nearly fifteen. Two male cops were not happy with my ‘motor mouth’ so picked me up from one cell and threw me into the padded cell. I remember laughing at them and then heard one of them call me a ‘mad bitch’. I was eventually let out and put back into the normal cell – back to the cops watching me go to the toilet and showering. They delighted in taunting me when I had to go to the toilet. I would taunt them back and tell them to be sure to let their wives or girlfriends know that they were at work perving on an underage girl pissing in a toilet.

I was there for a week despite the laws saying otherwise. It took several days for a social worker to come see me because that’s how long it took him to cut through the red tape with the cops. He brought me in a sausage roll as I had not been eating the food at the watchouse. As the social worker walked down the little hall towards me one of the cops muttered and called him a ‘faggot’ for wanting to help a ‘mad bitch’. In that one week period I copped abuse and mistreatment from all but one of the many male cops who worked a shift that week. That one decent cop was probably old enough to be my grandfather. While he did not abuse or mistreat me, he also didn’t try to stop the others from doing do.

Once I had been to court I was put in a paddy wagon to be taken to Wilson Youth Hospital – where ‘mad bitches’ belong according to the cops. There were two male cops in the front of the paddy wagon and in the back there was me in one section and in another section separated by steel mesh was another man who was being taken to jail. For the entire trip he was talking to me with sexually explicit taunts and I kept telling him to shut the fuck up. Then he proceeded to start masturbating while facing me and looking at me. The two cops in the front had a clear view of this and they did nothing but laugh. As the guy was wanking I looked away and when he was coming to his clumsy climax I commented “The men in Boggo (jail) are gonna love you.” Then when we pulled into the Boggo prison – I kept taunting him and laughing at him.

Misogynistic pricks hate you laughing at them.

peace xx

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