Dear Bells Dad

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My gosh this list is long.

Do you pedophiles ever stop? No you don’t. You have your dark web, databases, files, auctions, your pedo police, judges, lawyers, teachers, coaches, doctors and the list goes on and on. The victims come and go – like a thrown out wrapper from a chocolate bar.

So Mr Bells dad – I remember when you lived on the Gold Coast and I used to come to your house with Bell and again you were charming but awfully strict with your daughters. Your wife was dead so I guess you needed a release from elsewhere. Did you choose not just your daughter’s friends but your own daughters too? I suspect so.

I never stayed at your place on the coast. Remember I came to stay when you guys had moved to Beenleigh and I had just got out of Juvenile hall. I was much wiser by now. Bell slept in the bottom bunk of her room and I slept on the top. I thought it was weird that you ‘still’ tucked your daughter into bed – and hung around for a while.

I remember your hands on me and your fingers inside me and your constant wanking motions. I never moved. I was willing you to just get it over and done with. I had seen enough by this age (14).

I also remember Bell being a complete bitch to me for the rest of my stay. That’s why I know you had done this many times before – she would try to get rid of everyone. How fucking demeaning and embarrassing for her.

Did you get excited on the day I was leaving and us girls were playing some board game. You were sitting directly behind me while we were lying on the floor. I spread my legs so you could see my brief panties. I knew exactly what I was doing. You so badly wanted to get off – but you couldn’t – you had to sit there and realise the tables had been turned. You had to realise that I knew who and what you are and had dealt with your kind before.

I had been taught by filthy scum like you that sex was power. Oh what a dangerous thing to be taught – especially alongside violence.

You died in an horrific car crash. Horrific. How apt.

What a stroke of luck that you now would never be able to fuck your little grand daughter.

Oh and one last thing…

Death becomes you.

Peace xx

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