Dear Ms Jarmin

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Not sure if I spelt your name right – don’t care really.

Well you were nothing but a piece of shit. You treated the whole home class like crap and barely cracked a smile.

You were a bully and you tried to shame and bully me. The school winter jumper had to be navy. Those who could afford it had the emblem – those who couldn’t afford it just wore a blue jumper. I just wore a blue jumper.

You told me to take it off (in winter) as if it was going to make a difference to anything other than your bully powers. I refused to take it off stating that school rules said it just had to be blue. You of course just had to keep pushing it and asking me why I didn’t have one with the emblem.

Of course you knew why – anyone wearing the plain ones obviously had parent(s) who could not afford it. I explained to you that my parents could not afford it. They have four kids in school.

You STILL insisted I take it off and I still said no. With that you walked straight over to my desk and slapped me as hard as you could. I’m not sure what you actually expected from that. You didn’t expect me to be out of my chair so fast as the whole class gasped. When I repeatedly punched you in the face, head-locked you and pushed you out the window of a second story building and held you by your legs while you screamed your lungs out maybe it convinced you to not be a cunt bully.

After pulling you away from the window I told you that if you ever touched me or any of the other kids again I would kill you – do you realise I meant it literally?

What it did for me that day was simply increase my raging violence – a violence bubbling under the surface.

The thing that pissed me off is I didn’t bother going home. I went to the school toilet block – sat with a friend, smoked a joint and decided that it was all fucking useless and ran away again. I had been running away from home for years by then.

I was always found my the cops and brought back home. But when my mum took me back to the school and tried to defend me – I got expelled for assaulting a teacher.

Miami State High School – you were a fucking joke.

Peace xx

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