Dear Wankfesters

There are so many of you around. It’s not a new thing. I went home with one of you, with no knowledge of the other guys at your place. Who cares though right – lots of blokes have flat mates or in this case share a caravan.

Did you honestly think I was going to be your shares game? The position you put me in was terrifying. Being stuck on a bed with two of you trying to convince me to share myself around. Then I am considered the crazy cunt because I react violently. What I realise now is that the two of you could have been much worse – you could have been serial killers. All I know is that I was sick to death of being used for sex.

I have a daughter now and she knows all about wankfesters like you. She’s a feminist just like me – yeah #killallmen – that’s what wankfesters like you whinge about when feminists make men accountable and demand equality for all.

The #killallmen was a joke but Clementine Ford got hammered for it. Yet wankfesters like you think it’s totally ok to treat women as your own sex toys. We are not your sex toys, we are not flattered that two of you want to fuck us through non disclosure and manipulation. You see, some of us would swing that way if it was all consensual but wankfesters like you think it’s your right to degrade us, to use us and to make us feel unsafe.

I think I had more bipolar episodes after and during each experience I had with men because somehow they all ended up so much like you lot. It’s not OK to say it’s my fault for picking the wrong guys – it’s the guys responsibility to not be a douche bag by treating women like their possession to do what they please with.

Fuck you all. In case you need the modern version of that – #fuckyouall

Peace xx

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