Desperate For The Drugs

I went off my meds again.

I felt like they just weren’t doing anything for me. My moods are still fucked, I’m still totally unmotivated and stressed as hell.

I decided to try a low strain extracted CBD/THC oil and have to say that even though it felt like it helped it was also very attractive because I had that slight stoner feeling. I also took a couple of urine tests a week apart and failed. Failing the test and having THC among other things means I would not be able to legally drive. Being a full time carer means I need to drive.

So with that option gone (and any nosey cops reading this – the shit is already gone).

So because there is no other option and because I felt even worse off the meds I put myself back on them – and no I won’t tell my Dr. I really do seem to have an issue with compliance and I don’t know what the answer is for that.

The meds help but they don’t take all the symptoms away and it makes me a pain in the arse to live with. My mood swings are swift and brutal. My stress levels are the highest they have ever been so there’s the paradox. Got bad symptoms? Reduce your stress! Got questions? There really isn’t an answer.

Peace xx

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