The Small Things

Yesterday I woke up in quite a bit of pain from a tailbone injury (like my mum but nowhere near as bad) and a bung knee again. I keep falling/tripping due to these meds I am on.

Anyways I was feeling pretty good mentally and decided that it would be a restful day for both mum and I. My carer role would involve simply ‘being present when needed’. I was enjoying a morning coffee when I opened Facebook and the first thing I read were some school master style reprimand posts directed at me by a rude wanker who is a member of a geocaching group I am in. I chose not to play the game – simply answered the many posts from him politely with the relevant information. His rudeness reflected him as a person and that’s where I left it.

My hobby is one of the very few things I get a chance to do and gets me outdoors. I enjoy finding and hiding caches. If you are wanting to know what the hell I am on about have a look here.

I decided that I won’t be letting others tell me how to play the game when the game itself is aimed at people from all over the world and is meant to offer a variety of experiences. I am not mentally able to be bogged down with petty and insignificant matters.

So I decided to let it float – I’m doing my thing, going with my own flow and not drowning in someone else’s drama.

That means it was a good day.

Peace xx

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